A charity registered in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development under the license number 70 / C / Kh and is concerned with assisting individuals and families after having narrowed their way of life and provided assistance according to specific criteria.
 The association was formerly a charity fund and was founded in 1993 and was transformed into a society in 2010 and has its own headquarters in the village of Barbar

the culture:
We seek to provide our charitable services to contribute to raising the standard of living and education and all the requirements of life requirements for families in accordance with a developed system suitable for everyone.

Objectives :
1- Preparing studies on the poor and the needy and providing them with the necessary assistance.
2 - Achieving social and economic welfare of families and raising the cultural and educational level of needy families.
3 - Carrying out the work of repairing and building houses for the poor, repairing mosques and repairing graves.
Helping patients in need of treatment.
5. Providing study, marriage and emergency assistance.